Virtual Meeting Table Flag

Virtual Meeting Table Flag

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Attending virtual meetings either at home or at work are the new norm. But there are occasions during a really intense part of the virtual meeting when an unintended interruption takes place in the form of a well-meaning colleague popping by for a chat or a family member at home comes by to ask you for something while unaware that you are in deep discussion. Sometimes a quick apologetic glance may help convey that you are busy and they notice that you are on a zoom or Google meet session but there are times when they go on talking without realizing that they have put you and themselves in an embarrassing situation with whomever is at the virtual session with you.

This table flag placed prominently next to you or your laptop may help them realize that you are busy at the moment. Alternatively, you could point to it without having to go into too much of an explanation to signal that you are in a virtual meeting.

Size 21cm x 14cm high with a self adhesive base

Material: 100% polyester, satin, full colour on both sides
Printing: Sublimation
Size: 21cm x 14cm
Color : Silver
Accessories: Metal pole and base

Target group Educators

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