[Digital download] Poster - Traffic light to check for understanding

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Check your students understanding using this traffic light poster in the classroom.

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Suggested use by Emma 

In some of my classrooms, early in my career as a teacher, I used a similar traffic light poster to add a little visual element into how I get my students to respond to my questions. Some of the ways I have utilized such a poster are:

  • as a noise meter. I affix this poster on a whiteboard and put a magnetic coloured button to show how I feel about the noise level in the classroom. They will usually know they are playing it too close when I have moved the magnetic button up to Yellow.
  • as a way to check their understanding. After teaching a concept, I explain that Green means 'Go smoothly', Red means 'I am still stuck' and Yellow means 'I'm nearly there but not so clear yet'. Then I ask students to raise their hands to the traffic light colours that I was pointing at to get a gauge of how many of them may need additional support.
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Target group Primary school