TSR Backstage Pass with teacher (pack of 50 pieces)

TSR Backstage Pass with teacher (pack of 50 pieces)

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Make an appointment with your students for a chat or let your students make an appointment with you to have an informal conversation. You'd be surprised about some of the things you learn about them (and their friends) outside the classroom setting. 

Two suggested ways to use this slip:

(a) Teacher writes his/her name in the box and complete the details of when the appointment is set for the student before handing the slip to them [OR]

(b) Teacher writes his/her name on the line next to 'Hello,...' and hand the slip out to every student who will then fill up the details and their own name in the box. They will pass this slip to the teacher when they choose to have that recess appointment with him/her


Pack of 50 pieces


15 x 7 cm

Details Full colour, single sided, 128 gsm Art paper
Target group All students