About Us

At Teacher Street Singapore, we feel classroom educators and the individuals who support them are amazing superheroes. They manage challenging student behaviours, various stakeholders and school management’s expectations on a daily basis, yet, continue to firmly believe in what they do without throwing in the towel. And because of that, we salute educators everywhere and aim to provide these superheroes the resources that will assist them in their amazing work.

We would like to think ourselves as sidekicks to our classroom superheroes. We constantly strive to offer either imported products that would assist our educators or design them in-house based on suggestions received.

Teacher Street is formed by a team who believe in supporting the work of educators - be it at home or school. We are former school teachers ourselves, educational training consultants and parents who want to help other educators give their best in class.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a product you think will help make your work as an educator better or easier, feel free to tell us.  You will receive a token of appreciation if we find a way to make your suggestion/idea a reality.

So whenever you need a little help to make your quest in the classroom easier, think of your sidekick here just down the cyber street at www.Teacher-Street.com