Back to school Mega Pack [13 items]

Back to school Mega Pack [13 items]

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Save time and effort for more important things while you let us do the prep work to help you be ready for back to school. This pack has 13 of our best selling items all put together for you. Promotion vslid while stocks last till end January 2023. Grab these limited sets fast! Retails usually at $95.85. Now going for $79.90!

This pack consists of :

• 30pcs Praise Cards [Bravo]

• 30pcs Motivational cards

• 30pcs Scratch reward cards

• 20 pcs mixed design birthday cards

• 50pcs Backstage pass

• 50pcs Birthday voucher

• 50pcs Recess with teacher

• 30pcs astronaut reward cards

• 30pcs beehaviour rewars cards

• 50pcs Insta sheets

• 1 NCR Missing homework notepad

• 1 NCR Note from teacher notepad

• 12pcs Focus pointer


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