NEW ARRIVAL - Teacher Notepads -Carbonless copies to the rescue!

When we designed these notepads, we had teacher-parent communication in mind. We know our classroom superheroes care very much about supporting their students learning in collaboration with the parents at home.

However, we also acknowledge that sometimes it gets rather challenging to keep tab of what was already sent out when you have so many students in the class. Wouldn't be good to be able to keep a record of how many times a particular child has been missing his/her work or which parent has received a certain note from your? These carbonless backing of our Teacher Notepads aim to provide those duplicate copies that you can refer to for later. We hope this will facilitate your record keeping especially when you need to monitor if there is a pattern to the students' behavioural concern.

Let us know if there are ways we could help in making your quest in the classroom a little easier. Our product research team is eager to assist.

In the meantime, come shop for these teacher notepads here:

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