Coming soon on the last day of the school term - 12 March 2021

2020 would probably go down in history as one of the most challenging year for educators everywhere. It still is difficult but many of us have learned to manage. We've heard stories from our colleagues who had to juggle being at home with their own children while still trying to engage their own students online through home-based learning. Then there are those who struggled to cope with the steep learning curve of teaching using technology up to the point of quietly breaking down when they were alone.  While the teaching fraternity has grown stronger which such challenges, we cannot deny that this has opened our eyes to the need for supporting the very people who are going out of their way to support their students. Hence, we would like to dedicate a regular section in our blog page to 'Educators' self-care' aptly starting on the last day of the first school term - 12 March 2021, just before the school holiday commences. 
Come join us on a journey to inspire other educators to take time for themselves, to renew their sense of purpose and rejuvenate. We welcome all ideas and contributions.

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